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How am I coming across?

See how you sound.

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How can I best impact my customers?

Honest signals point the way to increased engagement and reduced distress.

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How can I create a responsive organization?

Access real-time digital intuition
on every interaction.

Digital intuition for Enterprise


Cogito Dialog™ is software that provides real-time in-call analysis of telephone interactions with customers. Agents see a ‘heads up’ display showing customers’ engagement and distress levels, notifications of adverse conditions requiring action, and feedback on their own speech behavior.


Cogito Central™ is software that enables continuous scoring of customer interactions for engagement and distress across an organization. It supports combining behavioral data with traditional transactional data to create high-value customized predictive models.


Cogito Companion™ provides self- and population-level monitoring of psychological health and well-being during times when resilience is critical for successful outcomes. Companion is an opt-in privacy-enabled smartphone application that continuously and passively collects data on activity, social interaction, sleep patterns and mood.

Create more successful interactions

Humans communicate through the words we use, the way we speak, and how we move. Cogito’s systems continuously collect and interpret the social signals underlying telephone conversations, video chats, and smartphone behaviors. By using these signals, our customers obtain insight into satisfaction, follow-through, and intervention needs. This improves decision-making, workflows, and consistency of service; creating more successful interactions, better business results, and improved market differentiation.

INCREASE agent success rate
INCREASE program completion rates
INCREASE operational efficiency

Just ask our customers

Disability Operations Director

It’s like an extra set of eyes and ears to manage business.

Disability Operations DirectorFortune 100 Healthcare Corporation
Director of Innovation

“We have no control over whether a member is engaged when they come to us. What control we do have is recognizing how engaged they are and making a difference for the better.”

Director of InnovationFortune 100 Insurer
Behavioral Health Team Lead

“I love that this is cutting edge and being able to say that we have a technological advantage over others. I like the bragging rights.”

Behavioral Health Team LeadFortune 100 Insurer
Head of Predictive Analytics

“It is real-time engagement, quantified.”

Head of Predictive AnalyticsFortune 100 Insurer

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